Primary Mission: To Empower, To Be Empowered, To Be Free

We are constantly bombarded by countless health news headlines telling us what’s good for us. It’s never-ending process that invites unaware public to spend significant time and energy dissecting how the new information might affect our health status. At Safe Health Report, our aim is to empower one single subscriber per month in making informed decisions in confusing health-related topics. If there were one single person who has been helped with each issue of Safe Health Report, its mission will be deemed to have been accomplished for the month! To that end, Safe Health Report will be delivered in pure and simple website and upcoming You Tube channel without advertisements or endorsements. There are two Rules at Safe Health Report.

Rule Number 1: Never Lose Health! Try to Maintain At Least 9/10  of Health. Thus the Name, 9Health. 

Rule Number 2: Don't Forget the Rule Number 1. 

Secondary Mission

To educate healthcare-related students in providing health information to the public.